How To: Use the aspnet_merge.exe utility to merge assemblies

Use the aspnet_merge.exe utility to merge assemblies

In this video tutorial, Chris Pels will show how to use the aspnet_merge.exe utility to combine assemblies that have been compiled using the aspnet_compiler.exe utility. First, view the output of the ASP.NET compilation process to learn what assemblies are created. Next, learn the mechanics of using the aspnet_merge.exe utility to merge assemblies from the compilation of a web site, first seeing how to control the compiled assembly names with the –prefix option. Then see how to merge all the assemblies for a compiled web site into a single assembly. Lastly, learn how to merge just the assemblies related to the content (aspx, ascs, etc.) into a single assembly, leaving the top level assemblies such as app_code.dll representing the /App_Code folder. During each option the advantages and disadvantages of that option are discussed.

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